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Alpine skiing is a very tough sport that requires physical and mental toughness.  To be successful, you must exercise discipline and be rigorous in all aspects of your life.  




Alpine skiing is an expensive sport.


My annual budget for a year of FIS races will be CHF 30,000.


The contribution for CNP Brig


Material and equipment 

Transportation costs for training/camps and races

Summer and fall camps

accommodation and shopping fees


Sponsorship proposal

I am looking for sponsors and partners who share the values of working hard and being dynamic and rigorous, a company of which I can be the ambassador, which needs the face of a youth  courageous and disciplined.


What I can do for you.  Visibility on social media, facebook, instagram, tiktok, snapchat, and here on my website.


Do you want to become my main helmet sponsor?


Clothing - Placement for individual sponsors on my clothing, official tracksuits  and/or my fitness/sportswear.   

If you are interested in sponsoring me, please contact me via this link

If you would like to donate to my quest, please do so via this paypal link

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